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Final Laws of the Last Parliament

The last session of the first Parliament of the Union of Myanmar passed 25 laws in January, 2016. Baker & McKenzie has provided general background information and an overview of the nine laws which are most generally relevant to the commercial sector, the tax regime and foreign investment:

  1. The Road Transportation Enterprise Law (Law No. 3/2016)
  2. The Railways Transportation Enterprise Law (Law No. 4/2016)
  3. The Arbitration Law (Law No. 5/2016)
  4. The Special Commodities Tax Law (Law No. 11/2016)
  5. The Law amending the Factory Act (1951) (Law No. 12/2016)
  6. The Payment of Wages Law (Law No. 17/2016)
  7. The Shops and Establishments Law (Law No. 18/2016)
  8. The Financial Institution Law (Law No. 20/2016)
  9. The Condominium Law (Law No. 24/2016)

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